perfect for social appointments of 6-16 clients

Detectives Evans & Peel kept this little gem of a secret to themselves! Deep within the Agency walls is a nondescript door where they like to keep their private 'book' collections. The cheeky Detectives actually entertain groups of clients with their private bar, serving handcrafted bottle aged elixirs and smoked finger food... perfect for the social appointments!


  • LIBRARY FINGER FOOD - Served on afternoon tea stands ideal for the Secret Library high tables and groups.
  • Vegetarian Investigation £25 x per 4 'clients' - Mac n cheese, smoked pit mushroom beans, buffalo cauliflower, padron peppers & house fries
  • Carnivore Case £30 x per 4 'clients' - buffalo wings, chicken tenders, smoked sausage, salted padron peppers & house fries
  • LIBRARY ELIXIRS LIST - Hand crafted classic bottle aged cocktails, served with ice blocks. £8.50 (please ask prior to event for any special requests.)

- Martini - Aviation - Margarita - Daiquiri - Negroni - Aperol Spritz - Manhattan - Whiskey Sour - Sazerac - Old Fashioned -Dark & Stormy - Espresso Martini -

  • LIBRARY WINES & BEERS  - Please request the wines & beer from our main list that you'd like to have for your Library appointment: