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We’re are detectives Evans & Peel. We work privately with individuals throughout London and beyond, supporting them with their individual needs.

Our specialist areas are blackmail, missing persons and armed personal protection. There is no case too big or small, from missing pets to alien abductions, we’ve solved them all.

Our discreet detectives use their bespoke skills to work out how to give our clients that special and unique service. Drop us a line and make an appointment.

Be safe out there…

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  • Callum Stott24/05/2015 14:10@devinbrugman try out @evansandpeel really fun... I won't give it away #SecretBar
  • Matthew Collyer23/05/2015 21:56@evansandpeel is bloody marvellous. Sssssh don't tell anyone.
  • Philip Trippenbach23/05/2015 21:29@evansandpeel @GarrettGoodman @bhwilliamson @Jm3McNicholas excellent, as always. Spherical ice in the Cold Fashioneds is a top touch.
  • Detective Peel23/05/2015 17:24Massoia Punch - @PlantationRums 3*, coconut oil. velvet falernum and lime juice - available at The Agency!
  • Detective Peel23/05/2015 16:17@trippenbach @GarrettGoodman @bhwilliamson @Jm3McNicholas how did you find the drinks, gentlemen?
  • Detective Peel23/05/2015 15:20Pop in to try #HappySipping punch of the day - @PierreFerrandPF Cognac, raspberries, mint and lemon. 020 7373 3573 - appointments available.
  • friday's child23/05/2015 13:22Retreat to a basement bar this #BankHoliday @ChezChowMayfair @BasementSate @Spitalfieldsbar @WC_Clapham @evansandpeel
  • Detective Peel22/05/2015 18:45@Amyyy_Brown @Arran_dingwall @ChelseaHarding looking happy guys - did we manage to solve your case?
  • Detective Peel22/05/2015 17:03#vintage #bourbon available by glass from today at The Agency - served with hand crafted ice sphere or mineral water!
  • Detective Peel22/05/2015 16:13We're looking forward to solving today's #CuriousCases while snacking on complimentary curry popcorn - 020 7373 3573 - appointments avaiable
  • Detective Peel22/05/2015 13:55@Amyyy_Brown looking forward to reopening your case!
  • Detective Peel22/05/2015 12:03@Amyyy_Brown Glad you enjoyed it. I think follow up appointment may be needed...
  • Amy Brown22/05/2015 12:02Had such a lovely night 'investigating' with @evansandpeel 😏
  • Detective Peel21/05/2015 16:15@goEatSleepDrink haven't seen that one - great list, thanks for mentioning us!
  • Detective Peel21/05/2015 14:08@StPetersBrewery Great stuff, we haven't seen that one before! Let us know when you'd like to drop by - happy to accommodate!
  • Detective Peel21/05/2015 12:58#HappySipping punch today with @CocchiWinery Cocchi Americano , camomile, orange & lemon - drop in after 5PM to try it!
  • Detective Peel20/05/2015 17:56Couldn't be more excited to have @hotsietotsies joining us on 3rd June - details #1940s
  • Detective Peel20/05/2015 17:00We're serving rosemary & butter popcorn today, along with usual selection of great food and drinks - 020 7373 3573 - appointments available!
  • Detective Peel20/05/2015 15:00How was the #HappySipping punch, guys?
  • Detective Peel19/05/2015 19:01Sleuthing in the new opening of @YauatchaCity very impressed! The city is in for a treat!
  • Detective Peel19/05/2015 17:04The usual Saturday at The Agency... #1920s #Speakeasy
  • Detective Peel19/05/2015 17:02Pop in to try our Cinnamon Popcorn and #HappySipping punch - today it's Drambuie, apple, ginger and lemon grass - definitely a sweet evening
  • Detective Peel19/05/2015 15:02@laurenalicia24 hope you enjoyed your visit!
  • dominic corr18/05/2015 21:31@forrest_ryan90 @evansandpeel @eamonnogoneill @davelock91 the hunt for the lost pearls continues..... #jockstomb
  • Detective Peel18/05/2015 18:59@parizia @stenemoe @sebastianbergin @tweetvards @benjaminahlback what was your favourite cocktail?
  • Detective Peel18/05/2015 16:52@ellipsis5 @forrest_ryan90 how was your Friday, eh?
  • Martin Jago16/05/2015 18:57In my head my Saturday nights are so classy they should only ever be spent sipping gin cocktails @evansandpeel..
  • Fran Lambert16/05/2015 17:44@evansandpeel Looking forward to heading down tonight for dinner & cocktails to celebrate my 30th - everyone's got their costumes ready!
  • The Londoner16/05/2015 15:59Looking for a spot for a drink tonight? PS:Wear your best James Bond's suit! cc @evansandpeel
  • Freedom Recruit-Rob16/05/2015 15:59@evansandpeel looking forward to tonight 1st visit for birthday celebrations :)
  • Terri Wade15/05/2015 16:41@evansandpeel @JennyBurns55 @lauren_vincent @mudgey it was fabulous! Had a great evening!!
  • Detective Peel15/05/2015 16:38What'cha sipping, chaps?
  • Lauren Vincent15/05/2015 14:23Top night @evansandpeel 👓🍸
  • Detective Peel15/05/2015 14:04We're keeping yesterday's #HappySipping punch in hopes that the sun will show up, but drop in to try garden seasoned complimentary popcorn!
  • Detective Peel15/05/2015 12:47Happy birthday from The Agency once again! Let us know how you guys enjoyed it!
  • Liz Knight ⚾️15/05/2015 11:36Good night out with friends at @evansandpeel speakeasy , good laugh.
  • Terri Wade15/05/2015 10:07' @evansandpeel loving the interrogation and everything else!!
  • Detective Peel14/05/2015 16:02We're serving #BBQ Popcorn, and trying to bring some sun to London with our #HappySipping punch - falernum, ginger, lemongrass and rum!
  • Detective Peel14/05/2015 13:01Next #Gin&Jazz on 10.06.15 - save the date!
  • Detective Peel14/05/2015 12:23Fantastic night yesterday at #Gin&Jazz - thank you to everybody who attended!
  • Troubadour London13/05/2015 20:46Brraaap! Brrraaappp! Ok, enough of that... *turns beetroot* RT @whistleandbango: @TroubadourLDN @jackiecuyvers @evansandpeel Big up #SW5 !
  • Team Martin Miller's13/05/2015 19:02Gin and Jazz tonight at @evansandpeel. Tasty treats and beer served from a radiator!
  • Detective Peel13/05/2015 18:50Angelica's Route setting up - Gin & Jazz launching in 00:40:00!
  • Detective Peel13/05/2015 18:17@whistleandbango @TroubadourLDN @jackiecuyvers solving local cases for almost 3 years now!
  • Detective Peel13/05/2015 16:04Only a few more hours until Gin & Jazz - drop in appointments available!
  • London Sock Company13/05/2015 13:29@whistleandbango A true gent will always be seen sipping an Old Fashioned in @evansandpeel...
  • Detective Peel12/05/2015 16:36Today's #HappySipping punch is Orange, Camomile and Lemon - refreshing and warming at the same time, perfect for unstable weather!
  • Detective Peel12/05/2015 15:23Pop in to The Agency to try our complimentary popcorn - today's flavour: Curry!
  • Marc Lavelle09/05/2015 21:39Appropriate playing cards for an appropriate venue. @EvansAndPeel #magicianlife #magician #Moonshines…
  • Detective Peel09/05/2015 16:20Detective Lee will be waiting from 5PM for any and all #CuriousCases - 020 7373 3573 appointments available.
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