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We’re are detectives Evans & Peel. We work privately with individuals throughout London and beyond, supporting them with their individual needs.

Our specialist areas are blackmail, missing persons and armed personal protection. There is no case too big or small, from missing pets to alien abductions, we’ve solved them all.

Our discreet detectives use their bespoke skills to work out how to give our clients that special and unique service. Drop us a line and make an appointment.

Be safe out there…


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  • Marlowe Harris12/10/2015 19:13Huge congrats to @SimonEpale from @evansandpeel for winning 2nd place at the @deooievaar @AmathusDrinks cocktail competition
  • Bonner & Hamilton12/10/2015 14:57A little party at @evansandpeel on Saturday led to some impromptu tap dancing from team B&H... Maybe we should put it into the act...
  • Detective Peel10/10/2015 15:57Pleasure to meet and enjoy a few bourbons with the one and only Alfred Ducette! Mardi Gras legend...…
  • Detective Peel10/10/2015 15:31Discovering and paying respect to my favourite tipple in the original home of the Sazerac. New…
  • Leighanne Bent08/10/2015 14:30London's weird and wonderful bars have been announced by @DesignMyNight and look who's included @evansandpeel ;)
  • Big Drinker App07/10/2015 17:41Channel your inner detective over a cocktail or two at @evansandpeel #Chelsea #InTheBigDrinkerApp
  • Detective Peel07/10/2015 15:04On the menu from Friday, Garden of Peas! Gin, homemade garden peas cordial, elderflower, absinthe, lime, mint.
  • Detective Peel07/10/2015 12:28@carolajner I am going through requests now. You should receive one within an hour. In case you don't, please give me a call on 02073733573
  • Detective Peel07/10/2015 12:26@TessOner we certainly do. Simply let you waiter know about your flavour preferences and we will fix something up for you.
  • Detective Peel04/10/2015 22:21@TessOner oh yes... Just ask! Our beverage inspectors!
  • Detective Peel02/10/2015 14:55Hi @SephRBrown call the agency in 15mins I've had to step out on an urgent case of missing stationary!
  • Detective Peel02/10/2015 07:52@DavidVidecette happy we could assist. Always a pleasure to work a case for a fellow Detective! Be safe out there...
  • Emily Coward01/10/2015 17:37@evansandpeel Okay, I'll keep my eyes peeled for clues. #MagnifyingGlassAtTheReady
  • Detective Peel01/10/2015 16:09Pleasure to meet & drink @Discountsuitco A tailored tipple made just for me! That'll be sliding its way to the agency
  • Detective Peel30/09/2015 17:55Just posted a photo @ Evans and Peel Detective Agency
  • Detective Peel30/09/2015 17:52@martellaj I'll be looking out for it!
  • Detective Peel30/09/2015 17:48@martellaj send me your needs and your case details and we'll take care of it. I look forward it!
  • Detective Peel30/09/2015 15:33Popped into the Agency today... TI'PUNCH CUP has started! @ Evans and Peel Detective Agency
  • Detective Peel30/09/2015 15:23@TheFirstFrost thanks for asking... It's our next in house Agency case! Keep an eye out on our FB page & Twitter.
  • Detective Peel30/09/2015 15:20Det @SimonEpale preparing his Persian Punch @AmathusDrinks @RhumClement TI'PUNCH CUP
  • Detective Peel29/09/2015 19:09@chrismacewen so sorry to hear this. This is not our normal standard. Please DM your email, so we can try to arrange something. KR Det Peel
  • Detective Peel28/09/2015 17:42Working very hard on a new case! ...Better Have My Honey! AVAILABLE THIS WEEK #rum #honey #champagne #chilli...
  • only Zuul28/09/2015 10:25Sat Eve at @evansandpeel delightful - loved all drinks we had (quite a feat when having assorted cocktails) & welcome was quite something
  • Barry Donovan28/09/2015 09:32Sometimes a cigar box isn't just a cigar box; sometimes it has pulled rib waffles in it. @evansandpeel
  • Essy28/09/2015 08:16Now at @evansandpeel detective agency. Enjoying fab cocktails after an interrogation almost with @LOckenden 🍸 Great atmosphere #speakeasybar
  • Detective Peel26/09/2015 16:05Working very hard on a new case! ...Better Have My Honey! #rum #honey #champagne #chilli
  • Detective Peel26/09/2015 15:06Have you met Beverage Inspector Yvonne? Newest addition to our investigators team...
  • Alchemist Dreams26/09/2015 10:17@evansandpeel Just watch out that it isn't drinking them behind your back, it's a very naughty book.
  • Detective Peel26/09/2015 00:17Our new Beverage Inspector, Detective Yvonne is on the case! Pop in to see her in action...
  • Detective Peel25/09/2015 23:57@lomasjd we always keep stools free for 'drop in' appointments! Swing by...
  • Detective Peel25/09/2015 18:01Our new Beverage Inspector, Detective Yvonne is on the case! Pop in to see her in action...
  • Detective Peel25/09/2015 15:48The Agency is so proud to be part of this beautiful creation. Thank you @AlchemistDreams it will sit proudly here!
  • Kirsty Boswell24/09/2015 16:44Had such an amazing day yesterday. Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace and @evansandpeel. Thank you @tompoolemusic <3
  • Detective Peel24/09/2015 12:37Thank you @KnotPretzels for making my mornings that little bit better! #bestcoffee #richmondstation
  • Detective Peel24/09/2015 09:55@LLAwards wonderful set up. Lovely team! Thanks for the invite.
  • Hayley Knights23/09/2015 18:37@evansandpeel Thank you for an amazing evening! Our hen really loved it, great cocktails, super atmosphere, amazing staff!
  • Detective Peel23/09/2015 18:37@LLAwards about to go into interview... Nervous! Detective Peel's face never gets seen!
  • Detective Peel23/09/2015 17:47Word on the street has it that new Beverage Inspector is joining our ranks... More details on this case soon! #CuriousCases
  • Detective Peel23/09/2015 17:37We're resuming our usual operations today - right on time for autumnal equinox! Celebrate this old holiday with...
  • Detective Peel23/09/2015 17:18It's #autumnalequinox today! Celebrate with our Apple Pie Collins #recipe
  • Detective Peel23/09/2015 14:22Check out our Apple Pie Collins #recipe - perfect for #autumnalequinox !
  • HeadBox23/09/2015 08:27Great speak easy bar @evansandpeel, definitely well worth the visit.
  • Detective Peel22/09/2015 19:43Why don't you do a little investigation yourself this evening and vote for Detectives... #LLA300 #lovelondon
  • Detective Peel22/09/2015 17:02Due to a serious case we have had to close the Agency tonight. Normal investigations resume tomorrow!
  • Detective Peel22/09/2015 16:52The Agency will be closed TONIGHT for a Private Investigation. Normal service will resume tomorrow. Sorry or any inconvenience. Det Peel
  • Detective Peel22/09/2015 12:34A big thank you to @sakenohana for letting the Detective join the @NikkaWhiskyEU tasting yesterday. Great team & beautiful restaurant!
  • Marlowe Harris22/09/2015 09:111st Chris Tanner @PortSideParlour 2nd @SimonEpale @evansandpeel 3rd Gonzalez @StreetFeastLDN and Nat Murano @Milroys
  • Marlowe Harris21/09/2015 17:40Getting busy! @FerdinandsGin @PortSideParlour @evansandpeel @SimonEpale @Milroys @StreetFeastLDN
  • Laura Hawkes21/09/2015 16:22Thanks @evansandpeel for a great evening at the Detective Agency - your hospitality was brilliant!
  • Detective Peel21/09/2015 12:14After a sabbatical, Det Peel is back in-house. A little investigation & I found this vintage! Any good @vestal_vodka?
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