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We’re are detectives Evans & Peel. We work privately with individuals throughout London and beyond, supporting them with their individual needs.

Our specialist areas are blackmail, missing persons and armed personal protection. There is no case too big or small, from missing pets to alien abductions, we’ve solved them all.

Our discreet detectives use their bespoke skills to work out how to give our clients that special and unique service. Drop us a line and make an appointment.

Be safe out there…


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  • Les Worthington05/07/2015 12:20@evansandpeel great pre dinner drinks, fantastic bar and the setting is amazing. We now need some help solving our mystery.....
  • Detective Peel04/07/2015 18:45@KeriHodnik @Thejdoyle @LilykLarsen Did we manage to solve your case?
  • Sarah04/07/2015 18:03Much fun @evansandpeel last night - would love to see footage of their clients' explanations as to why they need a detective...
  • Detective Peel04/07/2015 17:43#CuriousDetectives are still investigating! @BernersTavern "Aging Hipster"
  • Detective Peel04/07/2015 16:41Another #mixology #recipe - #butter and #marmalade #rum , designed for our Hemingway's Breakfast
  • Detective Peel04/07/2015 09:01@SophieRanald lovely to have you!
  • Sophie Ranald04/07/2015 09:01Another wonderful night at @evansandpeel - apologies to our waitress for over-sharing angst about new book - you were lovely x
  • Detective Peel03/07/2015 20:35@jaspidgeon @gabyblock @toriknight13 how did the evening go?
  • Detective Peel03/07/2015 19:37How was the evening, ladies? @natasha_JB91 @KatieHrbek @EleLloyd1
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  • Detective Peel03/07/2015 17:36As every Friday there's new #cocktail #recipe - this week's it's Hemingway's Breakfast! #mixology #Hemingway
  • Detective Peel03/07/2015 17:36As every Friday we're giving away another recipe for one of our classics. This week it's Hemingway's Breakfast!...
  • Detective Peel03/07/2015 16:15Detective Lee has been away for few weeks (dealing with our cases does take its toll!), but he's rested now, and...
  • Detective Peel03/07/2015 14:26I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album "Evenings at The Agency"
  • Detective Peel02/07/2015 19:12Our Cold Fashione #cocktail #recipe Calem Tawny Port is our choice, available from @AmathusDrinks
  • Detective Peel02/07/2015 18:10We're continuing investigations - this time it's "Aging Hipster" from @BernersTavern - see #cocktail #review here
  • Miriam Schoon02/07/2015 12:18Oh my goodness, life is PERFECT! Cocktail recipe by @evansandpeel in @CarlienePien's garden with @axelpawlik -
  • Detective Peel01/07/2015 19:12Seen the #cocktail #recipe for our Margarita Lechera? @Calle23tequila is our first choicee for this one...
  • Detective Peel01/07/2015 18:09The Curious Detectives are on the case of @OskarsinDabbous - check out their "Journey" #cocktail #review here
  • Detective Peel01/07/2015 17:20#Gin & #Jazz kicks off in 2 hours - 020 7373 3573 - appointments available!
  • Detective Peel01/07/2015 13:57@Moi_Faragon @CarlienePien let us know how it went down!
  • Detective Peel01/07/2015 13:55We recommend hiding somewhere during #hottestdayoftheyear - maybe in the Agency, while sipping #gin and listening to #jazz ?
  • Detective Peel01/07/2015 13:01Only 6 more hours until #Gin & #Jazz kicks off! 020 7373 3573 - appointments still available for our #livemusic evening!
  • Miriam Schoon30/06/2015 22:07I just *had* to try (and perfect) @evansandpeel's Green Rose cocktail before serving it to @CarlienePien tomorrow! -
  • ThisLittlePiggy.Ldn30/06/2015 18:27#REVIEW: the best #themed #speakeasy #cocktail @bar in #London @evansandpeel #foodie #bestbars #earlscourt #fblogger
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  • Detective Peel30/06/2015 16:21Detectives spent a lovely day at #ImbibeLive yesterday, but now it's back to the Agency - we open at 5PM!
  • Detective Peel29/06/2015 18:19Seen our Margarita Lechera #tequila #cocktail #recipe ? #mixology treat for anybody!
  • Detective Peel29/06/2015 16:13Only 2 more days until our #livemusic event - #Gin & #Jazz - check for details
  • Detective Peel29/06/2015 14:13@Glenno101 Hi Glenn, thanks for letting us know - the Agency is closed on Sundays and Mondays, sorry nobody was here to take your call.
  • Detective Peel27/06/2015 17:41Have you seen the #recipe for Apple Pie Collins from last week? great #autumn #cocktail #mixology
  • Detective Peel27/06/2015 16:39How about some #ginger and #lemongrass syrup? find the #recipe here:
  • Detective Peel26/06/2015 20:13@Expeditionvodka I'm afraid we're not, Tuesday - Saturday only.
  • Detective Peel26/06/2015 18:37Margarita Lechera - check out this #cocktail #recipe here #mixology
  • Detective Peel26/06/2015 17:35As every Friday we're giving away another one of our cocktail recipes - along with any home made ingredients used...
  • Detective Peel26/06/2015 16:37Friday is upon as, and so is another recipe - this week it's Margarita Lechera, a creamy version of a classic
  • Detective Peel26/06/2015 11:15@Matt_Hambly all done, look forward to it!
  • Miriam Schoon26/06/2015 11:13Making cucumber infused wodka for (fab cocktail by @evansandpeel)! #Summer is finally here! :D
  • Detective Peel26/06/2015 11:01@CurioSpirits your products look really cool! Drop a line to our manager Dominik at I'm sure we'll be able to
  • Detective Peel26/06/2015 10:58@GlenfiddichMM @HIXCity @shrubshutter336 looks great - we'll put our beverage inspectors on the case!
  • Detective Peel25/06/2015 17:52How about trying our #cucumber #vodka ? #mixology #recipes
  • Detective Peel25/06/2015 17:25Green Rose - mix of cucumber infused vodka, rose water, lime juice, sugar and soda. Long, refreshing,...
  • Detective Peel25/06/2015 17:02#livemusic #event at the Agency next week - #Gin & #Jazz - appointments still available
  • Detective Peel25/06/2015 15:54@Moi_Faragon let us know how it turned out!
  • Detective Peel24/06/2015 18:19Check out collection of our recipes - The Hard Stuff #mixology #cocktail #recipes
  • Detective Peel24/06/2015 17:25Only one more week left until our Gin & Jazz evening comes back - check for details:...
  • Detective Peel24/06/2015 17:15A lovely review of our #Gin & #Jazz evening by @steph_marston next one on 1st July!
  • Detective Peel23/06/2015 17:37Have you seen our selection of vintage bourbons? Bottled between 1960's and 1970's, a rare chance to try how...
  • Detective Peel23/06/2015 17:27Just a reminder: the Agency is closed for a private function today. Pop in tomorrow to try some #vintage #bourbon...
  • Detective Peel23/06/2015 16:30@steph_marston absolutely lovely! Next one on 1st July!
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