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We’re are detectives Evans & Peel. We work privately with individuals throughout London and beyond, supporting them with their individual needs.

Our specialist areas are blackmail, missing persons and armed personal protection. There is no case too big or small, from missing pets to alien abductions, we’ve solved them all.

Our discreet detectives use their bespoke skills to work out how to give our clients that special and unique service. Drop us a line and make an appointment.

Be safe out there…

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  • BoldSpiritsLondon18/04/2015 00:17Case closed! Thanks to @evansandpeel and @TheTigerRose for a great night of detective work!!
  • Detective Peel17/04/2015 15:40Edible apricot leather anybody? #cocktail #garnish
  • Dan Cheetham17/04/2015 15:36Had a great night @evansandpeel last night! The cocktails are amazing and the staff are fantastic. I want to live there, essentially.
  • Sarah Moor17/04/2015 11:54OperationBuster @evansandpeel #slmpickings #downingstreet #number10 #london #bar #hattongarden
  • Detective Peel16/04/2015 15:17Big thanks to @BoldSpiritsCo and @TheTigerRose for yesterday - not much Bold left after it!
  • Detective Peel15/04/2015 18:17Tom @RuNDoMuSiC setting up for Tiger & Cherry - our Detectives are on the trail of missing @TheTigerRose
  • Tiger Rose15/04/2015 15:59@evansandpeel @BoldSpiritsCo The Final sets are always the good'ns... ;)
  • Tiger Rose15/04/2015 12:22Catch me #singing #jazz and #soul sets at @evansandpeel #TONIGHT with @RuNDoMuSiC accompanying me on keys 🙌
  • Detective Peel15/04/2015 12:21About 6 more hours until Tiger & Cherry with @BoldSpiritsCo and @TheTigerRose - 22:00 appointments still available! 020 7373 3573
  • BoldSpiritsLondon14/04/2015 17:40@justhetonic Tiger & Cherry night @evansandpeel this Wednesday with exclusive BOLD cocktail list and live jazz, it'd be great to meet you!
  • Detective Peel14/04/2015 17:40Cherry Blow Fizz anybody? Available for one night only - check our FB page fordetails.
  • Detective Peel13/04/2015 16:32Only 2 more days to Tiger & Cherry with @BoldSpiritsCo and @TheTigerRose - see our FB page for details!
  • Murielle Gonzalez13/04/2015 14:38Fun night out at @evansandpeel great cocktail bar and clever theme #offbeatlondon
  • GREATBRITISH DRINKER11/04/2015 22:41Complicated case being solved by @evansandpeel. The only safe place I can go. #bestdetectivesinlondon
  • Detective Peel10/04/2015 16:31Beverage Inspectors are hard at work - guess what they're doing? #CuriousCases
  • Tom E Run10/04/2015 13:11Last night at @evansandpeel! Played a jazzy set with the sensational @TheTigerRose Book an appointment with the detectives 4 next Wednesday!
  • Lucy10/04/2015 13:11Evening at @evansandpeel and breakfast at Regency cafe!! Who needs to go abroad for a holiday when you have these treats your door step!
  • Detective Peel10/04/2015 13:01Today's cases: stolen garden gnomes, strangers claiming to be real parents, stolen credit card. Busy night! Appointments still available.
  • Detective Peel09/04/2015 18:25Working hard on #cocktails for Tiger & Cherry evening with @BoldSpiritsCo - 15.04.15. See
  • Detective Peel08/04/2015 18:36@TheTigerRose setting up - Tiger & Coffe is starting. Late appointments still available!
  • Detective Peel08/04/2015 14:00Only few more hours till Tiger & Coffee kicks off - some appointments still available - 020 7373 3573
  • Detective Peel07/04/2015 17:09A few slots still available for tomorrow's Tiger & Coffee live music event. Contact us on 02073733573 to make an appointment.
  • Detective Peel07/04/2015 08:51Only one more day until Tiger & Coffee - 18:30, 20:15 and 22:00 seatings still available. Inquire at the agency -
  • Detective Peel07/04/2015 08:08@shornNZ it was our pleasure!
  • Catherine Shennan07/04/2015 08:07@evansandpeel yummy meal. Want to come back again soon.
  • Charly Lester04/04/2015 19:03My Top Bars for a Date in #London for Time Out @TheCadoganArms @Rise_46 @MrFoggsLondon @evansandpeel @PrinceAlbertSW
  • Detective Peel03/04/2015 19:18More waffles! Served with strawberries, rhubarb, and a scoop of home made ice cream. Available at The Agency.
  • Detective Peel02/04/2015 19:08@TheTigerRose and @Toussaintcoffee are partnering up at The Agency - 08.04.15 - see our FB page for details
  • BoldSpiritsLondon31/03/2015 18:12Excited about Tiger Cherry night @EvansandPeel on 15.04.15! Live jazz and #boldspirits cocktails! don't forget to book a table!
  • Laura Nightingale31/03/2015 11:57Recommend by @IndigoEarlsCt @evansandpeel
  • Hannah Barron29/03/2015 15:44Amazing evening thanks to @evansandpeel @GordonsWineBar and @londonlobster #paulsbirthdaybonanza
  • Simon Mawdsley28/03/2015 18:36Hard at work on the case of the missing alcohol. @evansandpeel
  • Detective Peel27/03/2015 18:21All new #CuriousCases - No. 114 - The Wet Murder. "Every good mystery starts with a murder..."
  • Detective Peel27/03/2015 17:01@dylanfirn afraid not chap - almost fully booked tonight.
  • Detective Peel26/03/2015 18:21@TheTigerRose and @Toussaintcoffee are partnering up at The Agency - 08.04.15 - see our FB page for details
  • Detective Peel26/03/2015 12:54@EnquiryAgent our policy is 21+ - get in touch with us on if you'd like to book an appointment.
  • Detective Peel25/03/2015 18:13@DartLocker @CSCMJMT @Davevoid What happens at The Agency, stays at The Agency. Never draw unwanted attention.
  • Detective Peel25/03/2015 18:09Our Beverage Inspectors spend most of their day working on cold cases - hand crafted ice spheres available!
  • Detective Peel25/03/2015 16:13@DartLocker @AdamRichman @ColinMurray @talkSPORT glad you enjoyed it! We're still working on the case - follow up appointment may be needed!
  • Detective Peel24/03/2015 16:03@AdamRichman @ColinMurray @talkSPORT we're happy to look into it - our Detectives are available at alltimes!
  • Detective Peel24/03/2015 13:41@ColinMurray @AdamRichman @talkSPORT we'll have to investigate further. Please prepare yourselves for interrogation.
  • Detective Peel24/03/2015 13:36@ColinMurray @AdamRichman @talkSPORT Our sources say that The Agency was mentioned - are there any more details about this case?
  • Detective Peel23/03/2015 20:47@Sarahthoms14 @bjnovak just make sure it's tomorrow - I'm afraid that we don't take any cases on Mondays!
  • Mark23/03/2015 12:05Awesome night at @evansandpeel tonight. This place is glorious!!
  • The Duppy Share20/03/2015 21:20Just had a sneaky preview of the new #Duppy cocktail @evansandpeel The clues are rhubarb, strawberry and balsamic vinegar. And #rum.
  • Detective Peel20/03/2015 15:43@FLORATEA wow! Our Beverage Inspectors are on the case!
  • Detective Peel19/03/2015 20:02Miss @TheTigerRose will be performing at the Agency next month - see her original song "Don't Click"
  • Detective Peel19/03/2015 16:26@SiobhanMoriart1 and we're looking forward to helping you with your case!
  • Detective Peel18/03/2015 17:12Our Beverage Inspectors have been preparing all day - we're ready to take even the hardest cases!
  • Detective Peel17/03/2015 18:02Do you like Piña Coladas? Check out the Piña Con Nada - check our FB for details
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