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We’re are detectives Evans & Peel. We work privately with individuals throughout London and beyond, supporting them with their individual needs.

Our specialist areas are blackmail, missing persons and armed personal protection. There is no case too big or small, from missing pets to alien abductions, we’ve solved them all.

Our discreet detectives use their bespoke skills to work out how to give our clients that special and unique service. Drop us a line and make an appointment.

Be safe out there…


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  • Detective Peel25/08/2016 15:28Today is the last day you can try Yvonne's amazing martinis as she is moving overseas. Come in and say hi!
  • LondonLifestyleAward24/08/2016 16:07And the count down begins, have you voted yet? #londonsbest #lla2016shortlist Cast your v…
  • Detective Peel13/08/2016 12:48@BeanbagLtd loving your work! So is Detective Oscar!
  • LondonLifestyleAward04/08/2016 23:44@MrFoggsGB @TheParlourLDN @evansandpeel @freedombarsoho you should be proud. You made our #lla2016shortlist for #bestbar!!👏 #votingisopen
  • Detective Peel04/08/2016 11:45@inayulo an appointment would be required as we expect a busy evening. Please call 02073733573 to make one.
  • Detective Peel31/07/2016 00:58@Trisha_B1 lt was a pleasure to have you charming ladies at the agency! We hope your night was a blast!
  • Patricia Brennan31/07/2016 00:56@evansandpeel excellent service and brilliant cocktails!! The acting improv was phenomenal!! Really enjoyed it!! Can't wait to be back!!
  • Detective Peel29/07/2016 15:20@EssLiving thanks for the blog. Good company to be with @secretcinema & @DiscountSuitCo remember, shhhhhhh!
  • Detective Peel27/07/2016 20:02@monthebob Pleasure to have you at the Agency! Working hard fixing Superman's drinking problem...It is harder then we thought!
  • Andrew Davidson27/07/2016 20:00Nice quick drink and a snack @evansandpeel this evening. Impressive as ever.
  • Kara Newman24/07/2016 12:33Lifetime Achievement Award for the late Sasha Petraske. Standing ovation. #TOTC2016 #spiritedawards
  • Detective Peel19/07/2016 13:40@whoisclubmob Thank you, guys! Very humbled...
  • Club Mob19/07/2016 13:40@evansandpeel You just placed in our top 5 London innovative venues! #secret #lovelondon #speakeasy #innovation
  • Maria Lewis13/07/2016 15:56At @evansandpeel private dectective agency on a recommendation from @CosGrant. Ready to see some private dicks👥🕵🏻👥
  • Maria Lewis13/07/2016 15:56Living every Veronica Mars fantasy I have right now at @evansandpeel ...
  • Rockston11/07/2016 08:33Hey @vixnvox thanks for the tip about @EvansAndPeel - they solved my "missing cocktail" case in minutes!! 🍸😏
  • Rockston10/07/2016 11:00@HanED101 and I had to pitch a case to @evansandpeel tonight. Those detectives really know how to mix it up! 😏
  • Food Noise02/07/2016 19:24Get down & dirty @ London's best speakeasys...@DangerLondon @evansandpeel @KansasSmittys @TheLuckyPigW1 @BartsLondon
  • Detective Peel01/07/2016 18:26Detectives still have some appointments available for this weekend. Please call us on 02073733573!
  • Cab Guru23/06/2016 23:58Fancy something different tonight? Check out these quirky London bars @evansandpeel @TrapezeBar @BavarianBeerUK
  • Detective Peel22/06/2016 20:22@OutLLB It's real shame, Gregory. Hopefully see you another time!
  • Jacqui Abraham22/06/2016 14:04@evansandpeel having a lovely glass of bubbles #cheers #cocktails…
  • Dave Shearn19/06/2016 20:38Fantastic night @evansandpeel, I'm sure they'll help with our case!
  • The Hotsie Totsies16/06/2016 23:28Us gals sure did have a ball entertaining the lovely folk @pentagram @evansandpeel last night! Photos @womblewhu
  • Lisa Bond16/06/2016 12:43Had a huge amount of fun at last nights gig @evansandpeel Londoners if you havent been then go! Its great #london #bars
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  • Andi Lowe-Smith05/06/2016 15:13@rhub_custard @ajlc1985 @BarNightjar @evansandpeel certified banger of a cocktail joint
  • Detective Peel31/05/2016 10:13evansandpeeldetectiveagency's photo
  • Severe Delays19/05/2016 20:58@RachaelAtWork For your next mystery, go and visit @evansandpeel Detective Agency. IF you can find them....
  • bee eh?14/05/2016 23:24The Canadians are grateful for your assistance @evansandpeel. Epic time w/ @andriamary @KeepOnWalkingCW & @yuributler #london #beartheft
  • Detective Peel13/05/2016 17:06Detective Peel is back in the office this weekend!. Still some appointments left, 02073733573.
  • Detective Peel13/05/2016 14:39@ryrykaykay sure, please email us at for appointment!
  • Natalie Coaten12/05/2016 22:04So glad @evansandpeel could help me solve my case tonight 😉 thanks @lizziepaul1 for suggesting these guys 👌🏻
  • A Londoner's London07/05/2016 10:47My Hot Tips: I did them last month, YOU must do them this - #BAR - @evansandpeel if you can get them to take your case you might just get in
  • Detective Peel06/05/2016 18:09The new menu is finally here and we're chuffed to bits with it! Stay hydrated! evansandpeeldetectiveagency's photo
  • Detective Peel22/04/2016 10:54New menu is almost ready for it's launch this May in the Agency! #cocktails #menu #lovelondon
  • Hannah Love20/04/2016 17:02Another great night with @evansandpeel - good to know they're working on our case.
  • Jamie Brett20/04/2016 07:46London Living: @evansandpeel Detective Agency On The Case
  • Detective Peel19/04/2016 16:09@JamieLeeBrett we're humbled by your kind words. It's good to know our Detectives are always on the case! Be safe out there...
  • Detective Peel17/04/2016 14:32@swanabout looking to come down at 5pm tonight to do some investigations
  • Detective Peel14/04/2016 11:45@LondonersLondon so happy we could assist! Till next time... Stay safe out there!
  • A Londoner's London14/04/2016 11:44So pleased that @evansandpeel #detectives took on my case last night, that I had to celebrate with a #HemmingwayBreakfast - deliciously cool
  • Caoimhe14/04/2016 10:12@jess1hickey @evansandpeel is easily the best cocktail place I have ever been to!
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  • PA CONFIDENTIAL©08/04/2016 16:50RECOMMENDED: @evansandpeel Check out this quirky detective agency themed bar on Earls Court Road! #Cocktails #Bar
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  • The Hotsie Totsies02/04/2016 16:44@evansandpeel we miss you guys! Let us know if we can come and sing for you again xx
  • Detective Peel02/04/2016 15:09You can now find your favourite detective agency on Instagram at
  • Lydia Manch02/04/2016 12:54Been private dicking about @evansandpeel
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